A Manchester Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses What to Do If You Slip and Fall

Manchester Personal Injury LawyerSlip and falls can result in serious injury. As an experienced Manchester personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC can explain, a person who falls often fails to report the incident. One reason is embarrassment; another can be that injuries are not necessarily immediately apparent. However, it is important to know what to do if you fall on another person’s property.

The Concept of Duty

A cause of action based on a slip and fall is a form of negligence. To prove a defendant was negligent, your Manchester personal injury lawyer must show that the defendant had a duty to you, the injured plaintiff, that this duty was breached, and that the breach was the cause of your fall. In slip and fall cases, which entity is responsible for the property and why you were on the property, among other issues, are variables.

Commercial Property

If you fall in a retail store, for example, it must be determined which entity was responsible for the condition that caused the fall; liability typically lies with either the owner of the property or the business that leases the property.

Private Party

Different standards exist regarding the property owner’s responsibility. If you fell and were injured, considerations include:

  • Were you an invited guest?
  • Were you on the property conducting business, such as making a delivery?
  • Were you a trespasser?

Government Entity

Under some circumstances, government entities have immunity, and in many cases there is less time to bring a claim against a public defendant than a private defendant, and additional procedural requirements may apply as well.

Facts Are Important

A fall resulting in an injury alone is not sufficient to establish a cause of action. An initial consideration is if the party responsible for the property created the dangerous condition. If not, was that party aware of the situation and failed to remedy the danger? Reasonableness also becomes an issue; should the party have been aware of the danger? Would a reasonable inspection of the property have revealed the danger? Were you, the injured party, also aware of the condition and/or somehow partially responsible for your own harm?

Contact a Manchester Personal Injury Lawyer for Legal Advice

Slip and fall cases require immediate investigation to preserve the evidence. If you have fallen, protect your rights. Call an experienced Manchester personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC at (603) 624-7200.


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Manning & Zimmerman: Tips for Keeping Loved Ones Safe at Home

Most Homes Are Not Designed to Prevent Injury to Older Americans


Falls are the leading cause of injury for older Americans. See these prevention tips.

In 2013, there were 44.7 million Americans age 65 and older. As the baby boomer generation ages, that number will spike upwards to 56.4 million in 2020, 82.3 million in 2040 and 98.2 million in 2060. Most baby boomers will live longer on average than previous generations, and will hope to remain independent and age gracefully, which makes “aging in place” (living at home as long as possible) an attractive option. But several studies suggest that most homes aren’t designed to minimize safety risks for people over age 65.

Install grab rails near the toilet and in showers.

Tips for Keeping Loved Ones Safe at Home

Five Tips for Keeping Loved Ones Safe at Home

Independent living and safety are not mutually exclusive. In fact, aging itself isn’t necessarily a hazard; rather it’s often the living space that needs to be updated. Here are five tips from the American Geriatrics Society’s Health in Aging Foundation to protect loved ones from home hazards:

1. Keep Emergency Numbers Handy. Always keep a list of emergency numbers by each phone and write them big enough to read easily if in a hurry or frightened. Be sure to include numbers for the poison control center, fire and police departments, family members and the family doctor.

2. Prevent Falls. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that falls are the leading cause of injury for older Americans. Every 13 seconds a fall-related injury is treated in an emergency room and every 20 minutes someone dies from a fall.

To prevent falls, make sure all hallways, stairs and paths are well-lit and clear of objects, use rails and banisters when taking the stairs, and tape all area rugs and cords to the floor so they don’t move. Also consider a wearable alert system that allows a senior who has fallen to summon emergency personnel. Download this step-by-step fall prevention checklist.

3. Protect Against Fire and Related Dangers. Older adults are at greater risk of dying in a home fire. They may move more slowly or have trouble hearing a smoke alarm. Smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths, so try to smoke outside and never in bed. Make sure there is a LOUD, working smoke alarm on every level of the house, in bedrooms and outside of sleeping areas. Download this tip sheet from the U.S. Fire Administration for additional information.

Medicine CabinetsStorage areas for medications should be well-lit and labels printed in oversized type.


4. Avoid Bathroom Hazards. Bathrooms are especially hazardous for older adults, accounting for 80 percent of all falls according to the National Institute on Aging. They have slippery and unforgiving floor surfaces, and few sturdy handholds. Install grab bars in the shower and near the toilet. Put rubber mats in the bathtub. And consider setting the water heater thermostat no higher than 120 F to prevent scalding. Consumer Affairs has a number of additional tips for making bathrooms safe for seniors.

5. Prevent Poisoning. The risk for a medication mistake increases as we age. According to 2014 Medicare records, there are more than half a million drug-related injuries that occur at home every year. Mistakes can include taking too much medication, taking the wrong medication or incorrectly mixing two or more medications.

To prevent accidental poisoning, keep all medications in original containers to avoid mix-ups, and store medications in a well-lit room so the labels are easier to read. Ask the pharmacy to put large-print labels on prescriptions. And bring all pill bottles to doctor appointments to ensure medications are being taken correctly.

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NH Personal Injury Claims Explained

How Do Insurance Companies Evaluate Claims?

At the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman PLLC, we are often asked, “How can I convince the insurance company that my claim is valid?” The most important thing you can do is recover as quickly as possible from your injury. Regarding NH personal injury claims, insurance company personnel tend to believe those people who actively try to recover from their injuries.  You must cooperate with your doctor, physical therapist, and other medical staff who are trying to help you improve from your injury.

Secondly, insurance companies believe those people who can document their injuries through :

  • medical bills
  • credible medical reports
  • accurate lost wage information that is neither exaggerated nor subject to dispute and interpretation

Thirdly, insurance companies usually settle cases easier with those clients who have been in active contact and cooperation with their attorney.

It is important for you to try to get better, keep an accurate record of your expenses, and cooperate with your injury attorney and his/her staff.

The Law Office of Manning and Zimmerman PLLC has a great deal of experience handling NH personal injury claims. If you have been injured through no fault of your own, contact the Law Office of Manning and Zimmerman PLLC at (603) 624-7200 for a free consultation.

Michael, a personal injury client

“Maureen has helped me in every aspect of my life since my accident. She is truly a person who cares about her clients. I’m not sure where I would be at this point without her. From the start, she has been my advocate and continues to do so, but she also has made sure that I personally am doing well and checks in regularly just to see how I’m doing, something that the legal world should be proud of. I consider Maureen and her office to be friends and would gladly recommend her to anyone in need of legal help.”

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Attorneys Maureen Raiche Manning (r) and Anna Goulet Zimmerman (l)

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If you or a loved one have been injured through no fault of your own, it is essential that you have competent legal representation from the onset of your case through litigation. Big insurance companies have lawyers looking out for their interests and you should too! New Hampshire personal injury attorneys Maureen Raiche Manning and  Anna Goulet Zimmerman has more than 20 years experience representing injury victims and would be glad to speak with you about your case.

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