New Hampshire Personal Injury Attorney Explains Claim Investigations

Date:October 15, 2015

New Hampshire Personal Injury Attorney Explains Claim Investigations

The injury claims process can be complex, and an experienced New Hampshire personal injury attorney at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman PLLC can help.

Insurance Adjuster

The insurance adjuster is usually the first point of contact between the individual involved in the crash and the insurance company. He or she may call to set up a time to discuss the details of the crash with the individual. We suggest that you consult an attorney before meeting the insurance adjuster and before giving a recorded statement. Once he or she reviews the circumstances involved in the crash, he or she makes a determination whether the insurance coverage is applicable and the amount of coverage is available for the claim.


In order to substantiate a certain amount of damages, you may be asked to provide documents regarding your losses. For example, your New Hampshire personal injury attorney may request that you provide medical records, medical bills, photographs of any car damage, the police report, etc.


A New Hampshire personal injury attorney at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman PLLC can explain that there are times when an insurance company may conduct a formal investigation particularly if the crash involves multiple vehicles and potential liability between multiple parties. The claims adjuster will try to assess the distribution of fault based on the evidence.

Report of Fault

The claims adjuster may complete a formal report of fault. The amount of coverage that will apply and potential increases in premiums may be based on this report.


Each party involved in the crash may have a different opinion regarding fault and liability. In fact, insurance companies have an incentive to minimize how much money they have to pay out on a claim. In addition to providing legal assistance to individuals who are asserting a claim against another driver with his or her own insurance policy, a New Hampshire personal injury attorney may help clients who have disputes with their own insurance companies due to not receiving proper coverage.

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