Share the Road: Motorcycle Accidents Can Be Prevented

Date:October 26, 2018 Posted By: Emily Dodd

Please Share the Road to Help Prevent Motorcycle Accidents Fall is a beautiful time of year, especially here in the great state of New Hampshire. With the foliage comes more traffic to the roads, especially motorcycles. So it’s time to ask yourself if you are sharing the road and taking strides to help end motorcycle […]

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Do You Have a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Date:October 15, 2018 Posted By: M. Manning

Wrongful Death Lawsuits: When and Why You Should Sue Do you have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit? At the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman PLLC, we can help you understand the basics of a wrongful death claim, as well as determine whether or not you can sue. If you have you suffered from a wrongful death […]

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Falls Affect People of All Ages, Not Just the Elderly

Date:October 12, 2018 Posted By: Donald Manning

Every Person, Regardless of Age, is Susceptible to Unintentional Falls According to the NH injury attorneys at Manning & Zimmerman Law, every year millions of Americans suffer from a preventable fall injury.  More than 800,000 of these result in a visit to the emergency room with a fracture or head injury. According to the American Academy of […]

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Car Accident Traumatic Injuries: The Lasting Impacts

Date:September 28, 2018 Posted By: Donald Manning

Car Accident Traumatic Injuries: The Lasting Impacts Have you been in a car crash that was no fault of your own? Not only are car accidents an incredibly stressful event, but the injuries that could result from them can be severe and long-lasting. Injuries can vary from minor to serious. It is important to note […]

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New Hampshire Workers’ Compensation: Third-Party Claims

Date:September 4, 2018 Posted By: Donald Manning

In the New Hampshire workers’ compensation system, employees are prohibited from suing their employers or co-workers for their workplace injuries. However, an injured worker may be able to bring a lawsuit against a third-party wrongdoer. These are non-employees (known as “third parties”) who, at least in part, may have contributed to the employee’s injuries. Below is […]

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NH Injury Attorneys: Celebrating a Safer, More Just America

Date:August 14, 2018 Posted By: Donald Manning

People Who Make a Difference The NH injury attorneys at Manning & Zimmerman Law are pleased to present the 2018 Justice Served Awards. These recognitions honor each of these nominees for their commitment to a safer, more just America. Holding Human Traffickers Accountable For Their Crimes Martina E. Vandenberg is the founder and president of […]

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What Happens When an Uninsured Motorist Causes a Car Crash?

Date:August 14, 2018 Posted By: M. Manning

Managing an Uninsured Motorist Claim New Hampshire is one of the few states in the U.S. that does not require its drivers to carry car insurance. In cases where one driver’s fault causes either property or bodily damage, the driver is required to pay for any expenses that the injured party suffers. The at-fault party’s […]

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Commercial Truck Collisions

Date:August 7, 2018 Posted By: Donald Manning

Manchester Truck Crash Lawyers Discuss Common Causes of Truck Crashes Did you know that commercial trucks are six times the length of an average vehicle and nearly 20 times their weight? It seems like every day that we see a story about one of these trucks being involved in a collision. Passenger cars share the […]

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Compensation for Victims of a Distracted Driver

Date:August 2, 2018 Posted By: Donald Manning

New Hampshire Car Crash Attorneys Discuss Distracted Driving Cases The New Hampshire car crash attorneys at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman see it all the time. A driver is making their way down the road, carefully, responsibly, and obeying all the Rules of the Road. Suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere, another vehicle causes a collision. If […]

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NH Injury Attorneys Discuss Defective Medical Devices

Date:July 23, 2018 Posted By: Donald Manning

Defective Medical Devices Can Hurt More Than Help According to the NH injury attorneys at Manning & Zimmerman Law, the United States Census Bureau has reported that the U.S. population will reach a turning point in 2030. That is the year when every surviving member of the baby boomer generation will be 65 or older. Seniors will […]

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