11 Questions an Attorney May Ask Before Accepting Your Personal Injury Case

nh personal injury lawyerIf you have been injured in an accident, be sure to contact a NH personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman PLLC as soon as possible. However, before a personal injury lawyer accepts your case, there are a series of 11 questions they might ask you in order to obtain the details of the accident and your injuries.

  1. How did the accident happen? Be sure to be as detailed as possible when explaining how the accident occurred.
  2. When did the accident occur? Your personal injury lawyer will want to know exactly what date and time the accident happened. If you waited too long after the accident to file a claim, then you may be outside of the statute of limitations.
  3. Where did the accident happen? Your personal injury lawyer will need to determine the venue for your case, which will be based upon where the accident happened. If the accident happened in another state, we can recommend a personal injury lawyer for that area.
  4. What injuries did you sustain?
  5. Did you seek medical attention for your injuries? Your personal injury lawyer will request the names of the places you went to seek attention, as well as copies of any medical records you may have.
  6. How are your injuries presently? Your injury attorney will want to know if your injuries have healed or if you are still from the effects of the crash.
  7. Were there witnesses to the accident?
  8. Do you have any type of insurance?
  9. Have you been in contact with any insurance companies about the incident?
  10. Where is the car or truck that caused your injuries? If you were hit by a car or truck, or injured by something else, your injury lawyer will want to see pictures before the vehicle is repaired. If you have already taken pictures, bring them in to show your NH personal injury lawyer.
  11. Were you referred to the law office by someone? At this point, you can ask the personal injury lawyer any questions you may have as well.

Contact an Experienced NH Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured by another person’s careless acts, contact the Manchester injury attorneys at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman PLLC at (603) 239-2489 for a free consultation. It is essential that you have competent legal representation from the onset of your case through litigation.  Big insurance companies have lawyers looking out for their interests and you should too!

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So Your Kids Want a Video Game. Now What?

The Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry

In this month’s Let America Know newsletter brought to you by the New Hampshire lawyers at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman PLLC, we present information about video games, including the Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry.

Entertainment publishers are cranking out the big video game titles just in time for the holiday shopping season. Kids everywhere are hoping that the neatly wrapped gift underneath the tree is the latest release. For eight years running, video games have ranked as the third most requested holiday gift item.

But nearly 40 years after their invention, video games are still a mystery to many parents. This month’s You Should Know newsletter from the New Hampshire lawyers at Manning & Zimmerman Law is here to save the day by arming parents, grandparents and other family members with a guide to choosing video games wisely for the kids on their shopping lists.

Video Games are Still Going Strong

The video game exploded into mainstream entertainment nearly 40 years ago and is still going strong today. Game sales ($24 billion annually) regularly outpace movie box office sales ($10 billion per year). Gaming is also now more of a family affair than it was in the beginning. According to the Entertainment Software Association, 89 percent of parents are involved in their kids’ gaming. The association notes, “In barely more than a generation, video games transformed from a diversion for the few into a mass medium, helping people live, learn, work and, of course, play.”

Buying a video game is no longer a simple affair. As kids grew up, so did the content of many video games. Now parents wonder: What games are appropriate? How do you choose? When should kids start playing? And with the holiday season a frenzied time of year when retailers offer crazy discounts and major game releases, it can also be overwhelming for shopping-weary parents. For more information, see this Modern Parent’s Guide to Kids and Video Games.


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Michael, a client

Anna was able to break down several legal issues I had and brought them to an end quickly. I will always be thankful for her compassion and understanding. Several years of stress could have been avoided if I had found her earlier. Thank you Anna!

For a free consultation, contact the experienced New Hampshire personal injury attorneys

Information Concerning Motorcycle Accidents

Information Concerning Motorcycle Accidents

Manchester motorcycle injury lawyers Wrecked Motorcycle on RoadWhile passenger vehicles have protection from the sides and top due to the vehicle’s body, motorcyclists are not as fortunate as other drivers. Therefore, Manchester motorcycle injury lawyers at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC often see that motorcyclists and their passengers suffer from more serious injuries than those involved in motor vehicle accidents. Manchester motorcycle injury lawyers can explain that more significant personal injuries may result in higher potential awards that the victim may be able to receive.

Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

While the Manchester motorcycle injury lawyers  at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC can explain that every motorcycle accident is different, there are some common trends. Approximately 75 percent of motorcycle accidents are caused by passenger vehicles. This may be because motorcycles are more difficult for passenger vehicle drivers to observe. Therefore, in most cases, the fault of the accident is on the driver of the passenger vehicle and not on the motorcyclist.

The most common legal theory involved in motorcycle accidents is negligence. Your Manchester motorcycle injury lawyers can explain that this theory rests on the idea that every motorist has the duty to drive in a reasonable manner to avoid causing harm to another individual. This legal duty includes the obligation to drive in a sensible and cautious manner, to obey the speed limit and to not run stop signs or stoplights. If an individual fails to meet this burden, he or she may be found to have committed negligence. A negligence claim commonly alleges that a driver did not exercise due care while driving, causing another individual to sustain an injury. However, in order for a victim to prevail with such a claim, he or she must prove that the motorist’s breach of duty caused the actual injury.

Passenger Suits

Even though the vast majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by motorists in passenger vehicles, some accidents are caused by the negligent acts or omissions of the motorcyclist. For example, the motorcyclist may weave in and out of traffic, cut off a passenger vehicle, turn at a high speed or be drinking and driving. If an accident happens under these scenarios, the motorcyclist’s passenger and any passengers in the other vehicle may be able to sue the motorcyclist.

Statutes of Limitation

Every personal injury case has a specified time limit in which a person can make a claim. Motorcycle accidents are no exception. New Hampshire imposes a three-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims

Legal Assistance From Manchester Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

Because every motorcycle accident is different and involves different facts and circumstances, a personal injury victim may wish to consult with Manchester motorcycle injury lawyers for assistance. For help with your motorcycle accident case, contact the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC, at (603) 624-7200 or toll-free at (800) 984-3151.

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Elizabeth, a workers’ compensation client

Elizabeth, a workers’ compensation client

If not for Anna I would never have seen a dime. I was injured at work and was getting paid disability short term, but I was never able to return to my job. I took a new job after a few months at quite a pay cut. At that point, the insurance company began to give me trouble in paying the difference or paying medical costs. I’m still dealing with medical problems but the insurance has paid for it all and I was able to get a settlement to help with the money I’m losing working a lower paying position. Thank you Anna! You can definitely trust her as she truly understands what you are going through and is there for you.

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Jackie, a divorce client

Jackie, a divorce client

I am so grateful for Anna and the Manning Zimmerman staff. Divorce is one of the most difficult circumstances a family may have to go through. Anna and her team recognize this and have been very supportive, while also protecting my rights, interests and the interests of the children. I am very happy with the end results of my divorce. Anna has never steered me wrong. I will continue to keep a professional relationship with Anna Zimmerman throughout my co- parenting future. In Anna we trust!

An Overview of Slip-and-Fall Lawsuits

An Overview of Slip and Fall Lawsuits

Manchester slip and fall lawyer

If a customer slips, falls and hurts themselves while at a business or eating establishment, they could have the right to take legal action against the company. The level of liability assigned to the business is dependent upon several factors. The law recognizes that accidents happen and does not hold that against the business unless they failed in their responsibilities. Therefore, a customer who wants to sue a company or the employees must show that the business was at fault. If you need help proving responsibility in an accident, discuss your case with a Manchester slip and fall lawyer at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC.

The Responsibility a Business Has to the Customer

The courts will look at what the business owner could have done to prevent the accident and injury. However, a customer is also responsible to be careful and pay attention to their surroundings. They need to avoid obvious dangers that could typically injure someone. For example, if they are walking through a construction site with only rubber sandals on their feet, the courts might determine that they should have dressed appropriately since their footwear could have caused the injury. For a better understanding of how this works, talk to a Manchester slip and fall lawyer at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC.

Maintaining Safe Conditions

Even so, the property owner must exercise due care and take reasonable measures to keep their property safe. For example, after the floor is washed, they should put up warning signs or blockades advising customers to exercise caution when walking. The courts will look at the role that both parties played in the accident, including what the business should have done to maintain property safety. A business owes the highest level of responsibility to invited customers who are on the property. They must watch out for preventable problems, take precautions to prevent slips and falls, and warn customers of possible dangers. A lawsuit will usually be effective only if the business did not meet these three duties. If you are not certain how to prove that the business was responsible for your accident, call a Manchester slip and fall lawyer at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC.

Percentage of Responsibility

The courts do not have to place total responsibility onto either party. Instead, they might assign a percentage of responsibility on each person. For example, if you were recklessly running in a store, the court could assign some blame to you if you fell as a result. The court might award you some, but not all, of the related damages. However, the courts will place a higher level of responsibility on the business if your injury was the result of dangerous conditions that were not repaired.

Contact A Manchester Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall injuries require a unique perspective of the case during a lawsuit. It can be difficult for a lay person to determine who was at fault, which could affect the outcome of any legal action. In addition, the laws vary, depending on the state where the accident occurred. If you do not know where to turn after a slip and fall accident, contact a Manchester slip and fall lawyer at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC at (603) 624-7200 or toll-free at (800) 984-3151.

NH Disability Lawyers: What Is Considered “Past Relevant Work”?

If you can show that you can no longer do the work you performed in the past and cannot perform any other work, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will find that you are disabled.

What the SSA Will Look At

When looking at other work you can perform, the SSA will look at these factors.

Work Experience. The SSA will look at your past job skills, knowledge and experience to see if you could transfer these skills and knowledge to other jobs. First, the SSA will look at your ability to perform jobs in your previous work field that are less demanding on you. Next, the SSA will look to see whether there are any jobs, in any field, anywhere in the United States, that would be suitable for you. To establish your past skills and knowledge, the SSA can use only jobs that you have done in the last 15 years that you did for a substantial period of time and that you worked at full time or almost full time.

Education. The SSA will look at the years of school you completed and any specialized training you may have received. The SSA uses this information to determine if you could adjust to other work. The inability to speak English, or illiteracy, weigh strongly against an individual’s ability to perform other work.

Age. The SSA considers your age when it decides how easily you could adjust to other work. The SSA considers anyone over age 55 to have significant trouble adjusting to other work.

Vocational analysts and/or experts will weigh in on how the above vocational factors affect your ability to do other work.

The NH disability lawyers at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC would be pleased to speak with you about your situation and whether you should file a claim for disability benefits.

Disability Benefits And Past Relevant Work
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