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Date:March 30, 2015

Wrongful Termination Woman Gathering Personal Belongings in BoxWhat is Wrongful Termination?

Should a dental hygienist who was fired by her boss for being irresistibly attractive have a case for wrongful termination? What about an employee who reported illegal business practices and was fired just days later?

Since most working Americans are considered “at-will” employees, we think you should know your rights when an employer crosses the line.

While New Hampshire is generally an “at-will” employee state, New Hampshire laws do provide important protections for employees. New Hampshire laws protect employees from discrimination or harassment based on race, nation of origin, gender, age, or sexual orientation. Additionally, the 40,000 New Hampshire employees injured annually are protected by workers’ compensation laws designed to help them get healthy and return to work. If lawmakers intend to change any of the limited protections employees have, it is imperative that the impact of any changes that will affect employees are considered.


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