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Have Soft Tissue Injuries? Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer Manchester

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If you suffered injuries in a motor vehicle collision, you should immediately seek medical attention and then contact a personal injury lawyer Manchester. The compensation you may be entitled to is dependent on the collision and your injuries. With millions of people commuting every day, vehicle collisions occur frequently. The following information from a personal injury lawyer Manchester discusses the most common type of injuries sustained in vehicle collisions – injuries to the body’s soft tissues. If you have any questions after reading the material, contact a personal injury lawyer Manchester at the Law Office of Manning Zimmerman & Oliveira PLLC at 603-624-7200 for a free initial consultation.

Injuries to the Soft Tissue

Soft tissue injuries are the most common injuries sustained in automobile collisions. Soft tissue injuries can include injuries to your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The most common types of injuries to the soft tissues include:

  • Contusions or bruises
  • Strains caused by the overuse of a tendon or muscles
  • Sprains due to damage to a ligament an over-extension of a joint

Soft tissue injuries often leave injured victims in a lot of pain and discomfort. Symptoms from soft tissue injuries can include swelling, stiffness, bruising, and soreness in the injured area. The reason these injuries are so common in automobile collisions is due to the impact of the collision. This causes those in the vehicle to be jolted violently, depending on the severity of the impact.


Personal Injury Lawyer Manchester - Whiplash Injury Lawyer Manchester

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries associated with automobile crashes and occurs when there is a cervical sprain or strain, or when you suffer from a hyper-extension of the area. This injury often happens to those involved in rear end collisions when the head is jerked forward and then backward in a violent motion. The most common symptoms associated with whiplash include:

  • Injuries to the back
  • Difficulties remembering or concentrating
  • Sharp pain in the neck

Those with stiffness in the neck will, in most cases, immediately notice some of these symptoms emerging when suffering from whiplash. However, it may take a few days for the symptoms to fully emerge after a collision. While whiplash symptoms may not seem severe, it is not an injury to take lightly as it can lead to chronic neck and back pain. Treatment for whiplash can include wearing a neck brace, going to physical therapy, and taking muscle relaxant medication.

Seek Medical Attention

Seeking medical attention following a collision is very important, whether injuries are apparent or not. As discussed above, soft tissue injuries are not always apparent immediately, nor do they show up on x-rays. A medical professional will be able to help to diagnose any injuries. Injury victims will need to establish medical treatment following a crash and have their injuries documented by medical professionals. This will help to prove the damages that were sustained in the collision, as well as proof of injuries.

Schedule a Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer Manchester

Many personal injury victims are unsure of how to proceed in a litigation case – that is why you need an experienced professional by your side, a personal injury lawyer Manchester who has the skill, experience, and integrity to help with your case. Big companies have lawyers looking out for their interests and you should too.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly by an insurance company, the NH personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Manning Zimmerman & Oliveira PLLC can help. We are only paid for our services when we successfully recover damages from the responsible party. For a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer Manchester, call 603-624-7200, email us at info@manningzimmermanlaw.com, or contact us by using the “contact us” form or chat feature on our website.

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