NH Car Accident Lawyer: Initial Questions About Damages

Date:February 1, 2016

Initial Questions About Damages from a NH Car Accident LawyerNH car accident attorney

To assess the value of your case, a NH car accident lawyer at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman PLLC is going to need as much information as possible about these five areas:

1. The nature of your injuries

o List and describe your injuries.
o How much healing or improvement has occurred?

2. The type and extent of medical care you have already received

o In what health care facilities? When and for how long?
o What doctors?
o What treatments, for what injuries?
o Medical bills received? Paid? By whom?

3. The nature and extent of continuing (physical / emotional / financial) problems from the injuries

o How are you feeling now?
o What physical problems are still continuing?
o How is this affecting you in your work?
o How is this affecting your life outside of work (with your family / with your friends / with your other activities)?
o How is this affecting your finances?
o After your injury, have you filed (or are you considering filing) for bankruptcy protection?

4. What your doctor has said about what to expect

o Are you currently under a doctor’s care?
o What medications or treatment are you still receiving?
o What has your doctor said about what to expect regarding duration of symptoms / duration of medications or treatment / future surgeries / possible problems in the future?

5. What is known about the insurance or solvency of the potential defendant

o Have you obtained any information about insurance?
o Have you been contacted by / talked to an insurance adjuster?
o What do you know about (the potential defendant’s) financial condition?

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