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I Have Been Injured in a Roadway Crash – Should I Go to the Emergency Room?

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If you have been injured in a roadway crash, you should contact your Manchester personal injury law office as soon as you can to help you understand your rights. After being in a roadway crash, you may be disoriented and not know what you should do first. The first thing that your Manchester personal injury law office suggests is to seek medical attention. If there are emergency medical technicians at your accident, make sure that they check you out. If they suggest going to the emergency room, you should follow their recommendations. If the emergency medical technicians do not show up at the scene of your accident and you are left wondering if you should go to the emergency room, there is a check list you can follow to see if you should go. You should seek medical attention at the emergency room if:

  • You are experiencing any pain after the crash.
  • You are left with some physical discomfort after the crash occurred.
  • You are concerned with your health regarding the roadway crash.

Your health should be your first priority. Your personal injury attorney also recommends following your doctors advice. After a roadway accident, adrenaline is coursing through your body, which will leave you feeling little to no pain. After the adrenaline levels go back to normal, you may realize that you are hurt more than you thought. Do not ignore your body’s warning signs. If you neglect an injury, you are only doing further damage to your body. While at the emergency room, be sure to let your attending physician know that you were just in a roadway accident. Be clear about what is hurting you, even if it seems like a minor pain at the time. Provide your doctor with your full medical history as well. There may be an old injury that you had that was exacerbated by the accident. By giving your doctor all of your history and current aches, they will be better equipped to diagnose and treat your pain. Go over any questions you have with your doctor and be sure to follow their expert advice.

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