Timing for Settlement

Date:August 21, 2014

Timing for Settlement

personal injury lawyer in Manchester NH Scales of JusticeAfter your personal injury lawyer in Manchester NH sends a letter of demand to the insurance company that is handling your claim, you likely would want to know when you can expect a settlement to be made. While your personal injury lawyer in Manchester NH may be able to give you a general guideline for this estimate, the answer to this question often depends on many factors. Some simple cases where liability may be clear may be closed within a month after your personal injury lawyer in Manchester NH sent the letter of demand. However, some cases may take more than a year before they are settled.


There are several factors that can affect the amount of time until an adjuster can make a final offer. These include:

  • How many claims the insurance adjuster is currently handling
  • How well the claim has been documented
  • Whether liability is clear
  • Whether or not you may have contributed to the accident
  • How many parties were involved in the accident
  • Whether any other parties may have been responsible for the accident
  • The reasonableness of the proposed settlement figure
  • The process that the insurance company uses before it approves a settlement offer
  • The economic conditions at play
  • Factors that are specific to your particular case

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