Personal Injury Lawyer in Manchester NH Explains Why a Deposition Is Necessary and Important

Date:May 5, 2015

Personal Injury Lawyer in Manchester NH Explains Why a Deposition Is Necessary and Important

Backache and pain at desk Personal Injury Lawyer in Manchester NHA personal injury lawyer in Manchester NH will explain why a deposition is necessary and can be useful.

The Numerous Reasons for a Deposition and Why It Is Important

Your personal injury lawyer in Manchester NH will tell you that the deposition is important for the following reasons:

  • Accumulation of Facts. The deposition is similar to written discovery. The attorney will be able to determine who should be questioned in a deposition. The answers will help to find out what a witness knows.
  • Locked-In Testimony. Deposition testimony is akin to a preview of what the witness will say at trial. In addition, the witness will be locked in to the testimony. If this is altered at trial, the deposition can be used to show that.
  • Garnering Admissions. If a witness gives testimony about facts, these can be utilized as admissions. With depositions, an admission is also defined as a fact that might be obtained when it calls the witness’s testimony into question and supports what the plaintiff says.
  • Document Authentication. It is important for documents that can help the case to be introduced and brought into the record as evidence. One way is for the documents to be authenticated and declared genuine.
  • Supporting Motions. During a deposition, the testimony can support motions. Testimony is commonly viewed as a better device for persuasion than other methods of motions such as an affidavit. This is because it is possible to cross-examine the witness when this is not possible with an affidavit.

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