Maintaining a Symptom Diary

Date:August 10, 2015

Manchester Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Maintaining a Symptom Diary

Manchester Personal Injury Attorney Hurting handA personal injury is harm sustained to the body as a result of another’s negligent or intentional conduct, such as injuries sustained in an automobile accident or an assault. If you have suffered a personal injury, regardless of how it occurred, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  You can take an active role in your lawsuit by recording and documenting your injuries and resulting symptoms in a log or diary. The Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman and its Manchester personal injury attorneys offers the following recommendations and information regarding your diary.

What Is a Symptom Diary?

A symptom diary is a record or log maintained by an injured party that documents physical and other manifestations resulting from a personal injury incident. Our firm’s highly-experienced Manchester personal injury attorneys recommend you maintain a diary in whatever format is easiest for you, either manual, electronic, or otherwise, in a diary, calendar, spread sheet, or other format of your choice.

Your diary should contain dates, symptoms experienced, and details of those symptoms. Such details may include the location of the symptom, the degree or intensity, duration, and any resulting limitations such as inability to work, exercise, or perform other daily activities. Also record how the physical symptoms affect you mentally and emotionally, e.g. depressed and/or frustrated.

Why Maintain a Symptom Diary?

A symptom diary can be tremendously advantageous in litigating your personal injury action. During litigation, you will be required to respond under oath to highly-detailed questions regarding your injuries. A symptom diary will aid you in answering those questions precisely and accurately.  Symptom diaries are credible, powerful, and persuasive evidence that are admissible in court and other legal proceedings, which facilitate a successful result and monetary award or settlement. 

Consulting a Manchester Personal Injury Lawyer

If you sustained personal injuries, your first priority is seeking medical treatment. Once you have sought treatment, consult with a Manchester personal injury lawyer regarding a potential lawsuit to pursue the compensation to which you may be entitled. We will counsel you regarding all aspects of your case, including how to maintain a symptom diary that will maximize your compensation. Please contact The Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, Manchester personal injury attorneys, at (603) 624-7200.


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