Insurance Claims for Car Crashes 101

Date:December 16, 2013

It is very important to buy as much car insurance as you can afford to protect you and your family. Insurance is purchased to provide us coverage and protection in the event that we harm someone else. Insurance can also protect you and your family in the event that you are injured by someone who has no insurance or insufficient insurance. In New Hampshire, insurance is not required for car drivers, unless we have already had an at-fault crash without it.

In the event that you are the “at-fault” driver, your Liability Coverage will provide you with an attorney and pay the harm caused up to the limits of the coverage that you purchased. In addition, in the event that you are injured by a driver with no insurance, your Uninsured Motorist Coverage will protect you and compensate you and your family for your losses and harms.

If someone else causes the crash and injuries you or your family, you may have an insurance claim. You should ask the police officer or department for the other driver’s insurance information. You may have to request a copy of the police investigative report from the police department. If the responsible driver has insurance, you will likely receive a phone call or a letter from them. We do not recommend that you give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster before you speak with an attorney. The insurance adjuster is trained to take statements that help them delay, deny and defend against compensating you for your harms and losses. We would be happy to talk with you about your car crash or other personal injury matter.

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