Determining Child Support with the Help of a Manchester Divorce Lawyer

Date:August 17, 2015

gavel Manchester Divorce LawyerOur Manchester divorce lawyer at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman PLLC can explain that each state is responsible for establishing guidelines rules related to how to calculate child support. In New Hampshire, the state requires both parents to share in the economic responsibility of supporting their children.




Manchester divorce lawyer Anna Goulet Zimmerman can explain that New Hampshire uses specific guidelines that set the amount of child support that the obligated parent should pay. The total support obligation owed to the child is determined by multiplying the combined net income of both parents by the appropriate percentage that is established in the guidelines. This obligation is then divided between the parents based on their proportional share of their adjusted income. Adjusted income means that the gross income is first taken, and then certain amounts are subtracted from this figure. The subtracted amounts include court-ordered child support or spousal support already paid, mandatory retirement contributions, actual state income taxes paid, and child care expenses that are incurred so the parent can work. The percentage is based on the number of children for whom support is being ordered.

Deviation from Guidelines

The amount of support that is associated with the guidelines is legally presumed to be the proper amount. However, courts can consider special circumstances in ordering a higher or lower amount of support. Manchester divorce lawyer Anna Goulet Zimmerman may help prepare legal briefs to address why the amount should be different.

Parental Agreement

Manchester divorce lawyer Anna Goulet Zimmerman can explain that the parents can reach an agreement regarding child support that is not exactly the same as the amount of child support that would be ordered if the guidelines were applied. In such cases, however, the court must assess whether the agreement should be approved.

Legal Assistance from a Manchester Divorce Lawyer

If you have any questions regarding New Hampshire’s child support laws, contact Manchester divorce lawyer Anna Goulet Zimmerman at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman PLLC at (603) 624-7200.


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