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Manchester Personal Injury Attorney / Blog / Car Accidents / Are You Required to File a Collision Report After a Car Accident in New Hampshire?

Are You Required to File a Collision Report After a Car Accident in New Hampshire?


After an auto accident, all drivers have certain duties and responsibilities that must be carried out in order to bring a valid and successful claim. One of the requirements is to file a car accident report.

But who is required to file a collision report in the aftermath of a vehicle crash in New Hampshire?

Who Should File a Car Accident Report?

A car accident report is a document that contains facts and investigative results about your crash. These reports must be filed within 15 days of the collision. If you call the police to the scene of your crash, they will gather facts and details about the crash in order to complete a car accident report.

The police will ask all drivers involved questions about how the collision occurred and how the parties sustained their injuries. Also, the report will contain general information about the drivers and their vehicles, as well as information about weather and road conditions and any other factors that could have contributed to the crash.

When Are You Required to File a Car Accident Report in New Hampshire?

Under NH Rev Stat § 264:25, motorists are required to file a car accident report after any crash that resulted in bodily injury, death, or property damages that exceeds $1,000. If the police arrived at the scene, they would typically file a report. In that case, drivers do not have to file a collision report.

What Are the Time Limits for Filing a Collision Report in New Hampshire?

Motorists must file a car accident report within 15 days of the crash. The report must be filed with the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles.

However, a collision report and a car accident claim are two different things. While a report is filed to provide the details of your crash to the State, a claim is filed to initiate the insurance claims process to seek compensation for your damages.

How to File a Car Accident Claim in New Hampshire

After a vehicle crash, you must notify your own insurance company and would typically file a claim with your own insurance company and/or the other driver’s insurance company.

Under the NH Rev Stat § 508:4, you typically have three years to file a personal injury lawsuit following a car crash in New Hampshire, or you claim could be barred. The three-year statute of limitations applies to accidents resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage. In these cases, the clock starts “ticking” on the date of the collision. There are exceptions – such as for minors or for claims against the United States Government (such as a crash with a postal truck) which may shorten or extend this deadline, so you should consult with a personal injury attorney who can review your case and advise as to the deadline that will apply.

Contact our Manchester car accident attorneys at the Law Office of Manning Zimmerman & Oliveira PLLC if you need help with filing a collision report or lawsuit to seek compensation for your injury, property damage, or your loved one’s wrongful death. Call at 603-624-7200 to schedule a case evaluation.

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