Visibility, Location and Preparation Keys to a Safe Ride

Road BikersCheck out this report about the keys to a safe ride. According to a report by The League of American Bicyclists, there are more than 57 million cyclists across our nation’s roads and trails. Transportation studies also show that bike trips tripled in the United States between 1977 and 2009. And while deaths among bicyclists younger than 20 actually dropped by 87 percent during that time period, accidents increased 167 percent for men 20 and older. “Adult cyclists are far more likely to ride on busy streets than children,” said James Green, a nationally known engineer who has reconstructed hundreds of adult bike accidents, “and bikers always lose in a collision with a motor vehicle.”

Truck Crashes and Fatalities on the Rise

truck crashesAccording to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the rate of truck crashes and fatalities has begun to creep up after several years of decline. In 2011, the most recent year for which data are available, 3,757 people died in collisions with trucks, an 11.2 percent increase over 2009’s record low. Nearly three times as many people die in truck crashes as die in aviation, boating, and railroad crashes combined. For more information, see this Truck Safety Alert published by the American Association for Justice.

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Women Must Be Alert to Harmful Drugs

Women TogetherLong before the term “snake oil” became synonymous in this country with fraudulent health care products, charlatans began exploiting the unique health care needs of women.

You might think that a lot has changed since traveling “doctors” and their shills hawked miracle cures for everything from cancer to what were called “female complaints.” In Two Friends Seriestruth, a long line of harmful drugs and medical devices have been – and continue to be – sold to unsuspecting women, but women must be alert to harmful drugs. For more information on this important subject, click here. Also, to receive more information on important subjects such as these, please subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

How the Civil Justice System Protects Consumers

How the Civil Justice System Protects ConsumersKeeping our courthouses open to all is good for everyone. This thoughtful and informative article will help you to educate yourself about how the civil justice system protects consumers in the areas of product safety, medical negligence, environmental oversight, corporate wrongdoing, and many others.

The civil justice system has had a dramatic effect on our day-to-day lives, allowing ordinary people a platform to tap constitutional rights enshrined by America’s founders and battle back to hold powerful corporations accountable. Consumer attorneys have helped increase the safety of products, improve our environment and ensure our health by fighting for people who often can’t fight for themselves. Their efforts have addressed dangers in the home and the workplace, on the road and in the sky — and by doing so have improved the quality of life for each of us.