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Suing for E-Bike Injuries in New Hampshire


E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular in New Hampshire, and with rising popularity comes an inevitable surge of injuries. That being said, the increase in e-bike accidents isn’t just caused by more of these products being purchased. Accidents also inevitably rise with the increased velocities of these bicycles – and some e-bike models are capable of blistering top speeds. After suffering injuries while riding an e-bike in New Hampshire, you might be wondering whether or not you can sue. Is this really possible?

Getting Medical Treatment for Your Injuries 

Although you might feel tempted to immediately get started with legal action, your first step after an e-bike accident should always be to seek effective medical treatment for your injuries. Not only will this ensure positive health outcomes, but it will also create the medical records you need to prove the existence of your injuries. These medical records might include X-rays and other medical images.

Determining Who Is at Fault for Your E-Bike Accident 

The next step is to determine who might be at fault for your e-bike accident. You can do this by working with your personal injury attorney in New Hampshire. Your attorney might look into your accident and use various strategies to gather evidence. This evidence might include witness statements, police reports, photographs, surveillance footage, and so on. You can also inform your lawyer who you think was to blame for your crash.

The most obvious defendant in an e-bike injury lawsuit is a negligent driver. This driver’s recklessness, intoxication, or distraction may have caused your injuries. However, you could also sue for a single-vehicle accident – at least in theory. For example, your e-bike might have malfunctioned due to some kind of defect. If your accident was caused by defective brakes or suspension, you might have the option to sue the e-bike manufacturer. Each case is different, and you should speak with your attorney to determine who might have caused your injuries.

Claiming Your Damages 

Once you know who to sue, you can begin determining your damages. There are two types of damages to consider: Non-economic damages and economic damages. Your non-economic damages include psychological issues like PTSD, disfigurement, and emotional distress. Your economic damages include financial losses like missed wages, medical expenses, and perhaps funeral expenses.

Negotiating for a Settlement 

Most injury lawsuits never go to court, and you will likely “settle” instead. Negotiations typically occur in private, and your attorney can help you push for a settlement that matches your total damages. Once you have your settlement, you can walk away without any further legal steps.

Find a Qualified, Experienced E-Bike Injury Attorney in New Hampshire 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Manchester car accident attorney, look no further than the Law Office of Manning Zimmerman & Oliveira, PLLC. The aftermath of a particularly bad bicycle accident can be quite confusing, especially with the added complexities of EV technology. With our help, you can pursue the compensation you need for your medical expenses, missed wages, emotional distress, and other damages. Book your consultation today to get started.




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