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Options After Crashing into a River in New Hampshire


Crashing into a river can lead to some of the worst potential consequences after a crash in New Hampshire. It goes without saying that a driver’s life is at risk when their vehicle sinks into rivers or other bodies of water. Why are these crashes so deadly? What happens if a driver survives one of these accidents? Perhaps most notably, what can you do if you have experienced this type of accident firsthand?

Fatality Confirmed After Driver Crashes into New Hampshire River 

On January 12th of 2024, CBS News reported that a driver had lost their life after plunging into a New Hampshire river. The accident occurred when a motorist hit a guardrail on Hilldale Avenue in South Hampton. This caused him to lose control, fly off a bridge, and crash into the Powwow River. An eyewitness saw the accident and immediately called 9-11, prompting first responders to arrive in cold water suits. Although the victim was extricated from the river, he ultimately passed away after being rushed to a nearby hospital. Police say that they have no idea what caused the accident.

Crashing into Water Poses Serious Hazards for New Hampshire Residents 

Car crashes involving bodies of water are dangerous because vehicles are not watertight. Due to small cracks throughout the vehicle, the interior space will eventually fill with water. Cars are also very heavy, and they can sink to the bottom of rivers, lakes, and oceans quickly. If motorists are knocked unconscious, they face serious drowning risks as the vehicle fills with water.

Even if the motorists remain conscious, however, water pressure on doors and windows makes it very difficult to escape. Once the vehicle is submerged, this pressure makes it almost impossible to open the doors. Although this might seem strange, it is a phenomenon that has been documented on numerous occasions.

How to Escape a Sinking Vehicle 

If you ever find yourself in a sinking vehicle, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) recommends several important steps. First, it is crucial to act quickly. During the 30-120 seconds that the car floats before sinking, occupants should attempt an escape. ROSPA warns against opening the car door, however – as this will cause the vehicle to sink faster. Instead, it is best to open a window and climb out. If the window cannot be opened through normal means, consider breaking it with a heavy object.

Find a Qualified Auto Accident Attorney in New Hampshire 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Manchester auto accident attorney, look no further than the Law Office of Manning Zimmerman & Oliveira. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs throughout New Hampshire – and we know how serious accidents can be with the added threat of drowning. If you have lost a loved one to one of these accidents, you may have the ability to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Book your consultation today to learn more about your legal options.




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