Attorney Goulet Zimmerman Testifies on HB1353

Date:March 3, 2014

State HouseNH Considers HB1353 to address uninsured motorist insurance unfairness

We purchase uninsured motorist coverage to protect ourselves. However, in some instances when there are multiple claimants, one might find HB1353their coverage reduced unfairly. This issue is complicated and misunderstood by many, but we wanted to fix this loophole so that everyone is entitled to receive their full damages. Anna Goulet Zimmerman was the catalyst behind the legislation, introducted by her local representative, Shannon Chandley. On February 6, 2014, Attorney Goulet Zimmerman testified before the House Committee on Commerce and Consumer Affairs. To learn more about HB1353 and to follow its progress through the legislative process, see:

If you would like additional information, or a copy of the packet submitted to the Committee, please email

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