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Manchester Truck Accident Lawyer

Manchester Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks are extra-large vehicles that are six times the length of an average vehicle and nearly 20 times their weight. When a collision occurs with a commercial truck, the passenger vehicle and its passengers will sustain extensive damages and injuries. Commercial vehicles of all sizes need to be very aware of their surroundings as well as their potential to cause harm. Passenger vehicles must also use caution when driving near these vehicles. Simple errors can lead to a catastrophic collision. As a Manchester truck accident lawyer at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman knows, the following reasons are some common causes for truck related collisions:

Manchester Truck Accident LawyerDriving a truck for a living requires skill, patience, and the ability to react quickly. Commercial trucks are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. When a driver is responsible for the trucking accident, the following issues are the most common causes:

  • The driver was inadequately trained to operate the vehicle
  • The driver was operating the vehicle for more hours than allowable by law
  • Unrealistic schedules caused the driver to operate the vehicle recklessly
  • The trailer was packed incorrectly, causing the trailer to shift while moving
  • Proper maintenance was not performed on the truck, causing mechanical failure
  • Falling asleep while driving or using medications that make an operator drowsy

However, it should be noted that these are not the only truck driver related issues that cause serious collisions. The Truck Safety Coalition provides an abundance of information on trucking accidents and is a good resource.

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If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck related collision, you will benefit from speaking with a Manchester truck accident lawyer at the Law Office of Manning and Zimmerman, PLLC. Schedule a free case evaluation and learn about your right to compensation for any injuries and losses sustained in a truck accident. Call (603) 624-7200 and schedule an appointment with a Manchester truck accident lawyer today.

Manchester Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Manchester truck accident lawyer Traffic Accident With Truck and Car

If you were recently involved in an accident with a large tractor trailer, you are likely anxious and fearful about ever driving again. If you sustained significant injuries, you may be unable to return to work and face mounting medical bills.

Can I Sue the Trucking Company Employing the Truck Driver?

In most cases, you can and should name the driver’s employer in a personal injury lawsuit. Not only is a large trucking corporation in a better position to compensate you for your injuries, but the trucking company is actually responsible for hiring and supervising safe, cautious drivers. Under the doctrine of vicarious liability, employers may be responsible for the misdeeds of their employees. This doctrine applies if the employee was acting within the scope of their employment and performing job-related responsibilities. You may have a harder time recovering if the employee-driver was in violation of employment procedures or outside required protocol,

What If the Driver Was Violating Mandatory Federal Trucking Regulations at the Time of the Crash?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintains a number of regulations with regard to the number of consecutive hours a truck driver may be behind the wheel. The following regulations are in place for a commercial truck driver operating a vehicle weighing 10,001 pounds or more:

  • The maximum average work week for truck drivers may not exceed 70 hours;
  • Any driver reaching the 70 hours driving in a week may resume driving only after 34 consecutive hours of rest. This which must include two nights of rest between the hours of 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM;  and
  • Drivers must take a mandatory 30-minute break at some point within the first 8 hours of work.

Evidence showing a deviation from these requirements could make the employer liable if work policies mandate such a rigorous schedule. The truck driver may also be liable if they continued driving despite their employer’s direction to take a break.

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A Manchester truck accident lawyer at Manning & Zimmerman Law will provide a free consultation for those injured in a trucking crash.  It is essential that you have competent legal representation from the onset of your case through litigation.  Big insurance companies have lawyers looking out for their interests and you should too!

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