Our NH Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss What to Do After an Injury

Date:June 22, 2015 Posted By: M. Manning

NH personal injury attorneys understand all too well that if you’ve suffered an injury, your number one job is to get better. The law calls this process of recovering from your injury is called “mitigating your damages.” The law requires you to do what you can to improve upon your condition. There are a number of […]

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NH Personal Injury Attorneys Recommend Keeping Track of Your Medical Bills

Date:June 15, 2015 Posted By: M. Manning

When dealing with lawsuits related to injuries or medical malpractice, NH personal injury attorneys explain that medical bills, invoices, and receipts are very important documents that you should be carefully record and archive. By keeping accurate records of your medical visits and expenses, your retained lawyers can build a better case that can result in […]

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NH Personal Injury Attorneys Speak About New Hampshire’s Hands Free Law

Date:June 1, 2015 Posted By: M. Manning

If you have been injured as a result of a driver’s negligence involving cellphone use, NH personal injury attorneys may be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Motorists driving through New Hampshire are being warned with electronic highway signs related to distracted driving. These signs are the first part of an important […]

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How Safe is Your Hospital?

Date:February 17, 2014 Posted By: M. Manning

If your doctor wants to admit you to a hospital for a needed medical procedure, would you refuse? Probably not.  But consider this: a recently published study estimates that 210,000 hospital patients die each year from preventable medical errors, roughly equivalent to 365 jumbo jet disasters. That puts medical errors as the third leading cause […]

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How Working Impacts Your Social Security Benefits

Date:February 10, 2014 Posted By: M. Manning

Applying for Social Security benefits in New Hampshire and Massachusetts can take over a year. Many people who experience an injury or illness that makes them unable to work struggle with how to support themselves and their families while waiting for Social Security benefits. Some people find that while their medical impairments make them unable […]

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Workers’ Compensation – What You Need to Know

Date:February 3, 2014 Posted By: M. Manning

This law is designed to help injured workers and their families. It was enacted over 100 hundred years ago. Before the workers’ compensation system, injured workers had trouble getting needed medical treatment, weekly wage replacement or any vocational retraining assistance. The rules that govern this law can be complicated and your employer and their insurance […]

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Patients Potentially Exposed to Fatal Brain Disease in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Date:January 27, 2014 Posted By: M. Manning

Eight patients at Catholic Medical Center in NH and five patients at Cape Cod Hospital in MA are being monitored for signs of a fatal brain disease after potentially being exposed to contaminated medical equipment. The 13 patients underwent neurosurgery or spinal surgery at the hospitals this summer, and may have been exposed to Creutzfeldt-Jakob […]

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What is Collaborative Law?

Date:January 20, 2014 Posted By: M. Manning

Collaborative law is a process in which the parties in a divorce (or other family law matters) agree to work through the issues in dispute together, instead of looking to the courts for resolution through traditional litigation. After agreeing to proceed in the collaborative process, both parties will need an attorney trained in collaborative law […]

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