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NH Injury Lawyers Praise Organizations That Make a Difference

NH Injury Lawyers: We’re Proud to Join the Nation’s Soldiers for Justice

There are a lot of extraordinary people and organizations dedicated to protecting the safety and legal rights of Americans. Of course our brave clients who decide to stand up for their rights are the first line of defense in holding corporations and powerful special interests accountable. Then there are those legislators and public servants throughout the nation who hold strong for consumer rights and protections. This month the NH injury lawyers at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC highlight several national organizations that have stood unfailingly for civil rights and safety for all of us regardless of party or politics.

The 2017 Justice Served Awards honor each of these groups for their commitment to a safer, more just America. Check them out!


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Located at New York Law School, the Center for Justice & Democracy is the only national consumer organization in the country exclusively dedicated to protecting the civil justice system. It investigates and exposes attacks on judges, juries, injured consumers, and attorneys by powerful corporations and special interests. The Center also raises public awareness and support for the civil justice system and combats the dangerous campaign behind the so-called “tort reform” movement. The Center believes that “America’s civil justice system is one of the only places left in America where individual citizens can successfully challenge powerful industries and institutions and hold them accountable.”

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Founded in 1971 and based in Washington, DC, Public Citizen “serves as the people’s voice in the nation’s capital.” The organization champions citizens’ interests before Congress, the executive branch agencies, and the courts. Through its five policy groups – Congress Watch, the Energy Program, Global Trade Watch, the Health Research Group, and the Litigation Group – Public Citizen fights to make sure government works for the American people and not corporate power.

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Consumers Union is the policy and action division of Consumer Reports magazine. It works with its activists and alongside subscriber input to pass consumer protection laws in the states and in Congress. It holds dangerous and unsafe corporations accountable and celebrates those who put their consumers first. Consumers Union has helped pass consumer protection laws for healthcare, financial services, the food and agriculture industry, clean energy, the auto industry, and more.


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The Consumer Federation of America is an association of non-profit consumer organizations established in 1968 to advance the consumer interest through research, advocacy, and education. Nearly 300 diverse state and national advocacy groups participate in the federation and govern it through their representatives on the organization’s Board of Directors.


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Workplace Fairness is a non-profit organization working to preserve and promote employee rights. It believes that fair treatment of workers is sound public policy and good business practice. Workplace Fairness also supports and creates comprehensive, unbiased information about workers’ rights in order to empower employees everywhere. With this information, Workplace Fairness educates workers and organizations and advocates for fairness through awareness and public policy.


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Founded by Paul Steiger, former managing editor of the Wall Street JournalProPublica is an independent non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. These investigations shine a light on exploitation and work to create positive change. ProPublica is a non-partisan organization that works to adhere to strict standards of journalistic impartiality. It does not ally with any politicians or advocacy groups in order to provide an unbiased look at businesses, government, unions, education systems, healthcare organizations, and the media.


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The Leapfrog Group is a national non-profit organization focused on improving the quality and safety of American health care. Its Leapfrog Hospital Survey program collects and transparently reports hospital performance, empowering purchasers to find the highest-value care and giving consumers the lifesaving information they need to make informed decisions. The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, Leapfrog’s other main initiative, assigns letter grades to hospitals based on their record of patient safety, helping consumers protect themselves and their families from errors, injuries, accidents, and infections.


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Safe Kids Worldwide is a global organization dedicated to protecting kids from unintentional injuries, the number one cause of death to children in the United States. Safe Kids does this through research reports, education, and awareness programs and safety focused public policy. Since 1988, the work of Safe Kids has helped reduce the U.S. childhood death rate from unintentional injury by 60 percent.


Injured? Contact the NH Personal Injury Lawyers at Manning & Zimmerman

If you or a loved one have been injured through no fault of your own, it is essential that you have competent NH injury lawyers representing you from the onset of your case through litigation.  Big insurance companies have lawyers looking out for their interests and you should too. The experienced NH injury lawyers at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC are ready to represent you immediately.  Call (603) 624-7200 today for an initial consultation.

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Normand, a New Hampshire Divorce Client

Normand, a New Hampshire Divorce Client

Before I hired a New Hampshire divorce attorney to represent me in what I knew would be a very contentious divorce, I interviewed 4 other law firms. After a personal meeting with Anna, I knew I had the right lawyer. Anna listened and understood my situation. She explained in very explicit language what I could expect and the time and expense it would take to win my case. She fulfilled her duties while winning my case. I was very happy with her professionalism and hired her a second time just recently to represent me on another matter. It was similarly successful and I would not hesitate to use Anna’s services again. I highly recommend her. 

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New Hampshire Lawyers Present Top 2016 Stories

New Hampshire Lawyers: Top Safety and Justice Stories of 2016

Are you making all those lists and checking them twice? Gifts? Holiday cards? Party invitations? New Year’s resolutions? From the New Hampshire lawyers at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, here’s one more for you courtesy of the American civil justice system: safer products and services.

This past year we have been following several stories of dangerous products or unfair practices that threaten the health, safety and legal rights of all Americans. Think exploding batteries, lead-laced drinking water, forced arbitration or faulty medical devices, for example.

But thanks to the courage of citizens like you and the power of the civil justice system, New Hampshire lawyers are holding accountable many of those who put profit over public well-being. And that’s a list we can all be proud of, as these stories so richly illustrate.

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According to a recent study by the U.S. Food and Drug   Administration, medical device recalls doubled from 2003 to 2012. [Download report]
Nearly 27,000 children were exposed to lead poisoning from the contaminated water supply in Flint, Michigan.
After years of denying any link between repeated concussions and brain injury, the NFL settled a lawsuit that sets aside almost $1 billion for players suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy.



400,000 Heart Defibrillators Subject of Recall

St. Jude Medical issued a recall for some of its 400,000 heart defibrillators after two people died when the batteries failed prematurely.   View video.

Inside Flint’s Lead Poisoning Disaster

Dr. Sanjay Gupta and CNN investigate the aftermath of massive lead poisoning in Flint, Michigan, which was initially denied by government officials. View video.

Five Facts – Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

More than 1 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7s were recalled when users reported that the popular smartphone overheated or, in some cases, even exploded. Here are five vital facts about the recall.  View video.


What Concerns You the Most?

Browse the 2016 top safety and justice issues, and then tell us which one keeps you up at night. You could win an iPod shuffle for participating.

Add your thoughts here

Forced Arbitration: The Threat Continues

Forced arbitration continues to threaten the safety and legal rights of all Americans. Tia shares her story of sexual harassment and Circuit City.

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How Much Is My Motorcycle Injury Case Worth?

motorcycle injury caseWith Spring finally arriving in New Hampshire, the weather is warmer and the days are longer – and motorcyclists are taking to our state’s roadways. All motorists are reminded to safely “Share the Road” with motorcycles, to be extra alert to help keep motorcyclists and their passengers safe, and to avoid causing a motorcycle injury case.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcycles are less stable and less visible than cars and often have high performance capabilities. When motorcycles crash, their riders lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle, so they’re more likely to be injured or killed. The National Highway Safety Administration estimates that per mile traveled in 2013, the number of deaths on motorcycles was over 26 times the number in cars.

Before setting off on what should be a fun and safe ride,  be sure to take the time  to educate yourself about how to avoid a motorcycle accident in the first place. There are plenty of things you can do to educate yourself on how to avoid motorcycle accidents and we are pleased to share this article from the folks at Best Motorcycle Jackets.

What are the factors you should consider when evaluating what your motorcycle accident case is worth?

Motorcycle accidents are unique and results will depend on the facts of your case, but here are the most influential factors.  Your personal injury lawyer in Manchester NH at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC can also be an excellent source of valuation information.

Actual costs

Actual costs are the real costs that you incur as a result of your motorcycle injury.  These are similar to car accident damages.  Damages such as lost wages or earning capacity, reasonable value of medical bills, vehicle damage, and related expenses are certain damages which are relatively easy to prove.  Make sure that you have all of your paperwork to prove your damages.

Subjective costs

Subjective costs refer to damages, such as pain and suffering, and are harder to quantify for purposes of settlement.  A motorcycle injury case attorney at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC can help give you a range of pain and suffering damages so that you have an understanding of what your case is worth.  It is important when detailing your pain and suffering damages, that you give a clear picture of how your life was affected.  For example, if you were an active person before the accident and are no longer able to be physically active because of the limitations from your motorcycle injury, details as to your loss of enjoyment of life and your life before and after the accident can help you obtain a bigger settlement.

Evidence of the defendant’s fault in a motorcycle injury case

Whether you can prove that the defendant was at fault in your motorcycle injury case will significantly increase your chances of a higher monetary recovery.  For example, if you have evidence that the defendant was driving too fast or ran a red light or was otherwise not observing traffic laws, establishing liability becomes much easier and the chances of a larger monetary recovery increase.  Evidence such as witness statements, police reports, and traffic cams can be used to prove a defendant’s fault in your motorcycle injury case.

Whether the defendant can afford to pay on a jury award

Whether the defendant can afford to pay the total a jury may award is another consideration when deciding whether to accept a settlement offer.  If the defendant has no assets or ability to pay on a judgment, then your attorney may advise you to accept an offer from their insurance within policy limits.  Conversely, if the defendant has assets which you can collect upon, it may increase a settlement offer or your chances with a jury.  Your attorney can advise you as to whether it is worth collecting against a defendant’s assets and how long it would take to collect on a judgment as opposed to accepting an insurance company’s settlement offer.

How your case will look to a jury

Juries are comprised of human beings, each with their own ideas about motorcycle accidents, perceptions of trials and litigants, and values.  How you will present to a jury, how the defendant will present to the jury, and how the facts of your case will present to a jury can factor into what a jury will award you and whether the defendant’s or the insurance company’s settlement offer is the best choice for you.  Your personal injury lawyer is your best choice for guidance in this area.  An experienced personal injury lawyer in Manchester NH can value your case and give you a realistic idea of what to expect with a jury and how that can help your case.

Do you want to have your case tried before a jury?

When deciding whether to accept a settlement offer in your motorcycle injury case, you do have to ask yourself whether you really want to go to trial and whether this is something that you can handle.  Some personal injury claimants relish the idea of taking their chances in court while other claimants would not want to go to trial under any circumstances.  Ask yourself honestly whether you want to go through the trial process.  There is no right or wrong answer.

Jury verdicts and settlements in your courthouse

There is a considerable amount of motorcycle injury case data available on jury verdicts and settlements in New Hampshire.  It is worth reviewing those jury verdicts and settlements to get an accurate understanding of what juries tend to award in a motorcycle injury case. Your personal injury attorney can give you a reasonable, well-researched idea of what to expect from jury verdicts and settlements in New Hampshire.

Call Experienced Motorcycle Injury Case Attorneys

Big companies have lawyers looking out for their interests and you should too. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by an insurance company, the NH personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC can help. When representing injured victims, we are only paid for our services when we successfully recover damages from the responsible party. For a free consultation, call (603) 239-2459, email us at info@manningzimmermanlaw.com, or contact us by using the “contact us” form or chat feature on our website.

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Manchester Injury Attorneys Discuss Amusement Park Accidents

According to the Manchester injury attorneys at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, every year thousands are injured on amusement park rides, including a grave injury suffered by an 11 year-old girl at a carnival, a 10 year-old boy killed on a water slide, three girls injured on a Ferris Wheel, six people treated for electric shock, and a death at a state fair in Ohio in July 2017. From bruises and cuts to serious head trauma, broken bones, and even death, these incidents mar what should be a fun and exciting time. When someone is injured on a ride, they may be able to bring a negligence claim against the park and its employees.  A product liability claim against the ride’s manufacturer may also be brought.

Amusement Park Injury Statistics

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), approximately 8,800 people sought treatment for injuries sustained on amusement park rides in 2006. An additional 3,600 were injured on inflatables like bounce houses, and another 3,100 were injured on public water slides. Statistics collected by the National Safety Council show that in 2014, the most recent year for which data is available, 1,146 people suffered ride-related injuries, with 111 of those classified as serious.

Types of Amusement Park Injuries

Amusement park injuries are incredibly varied and include:

  • Stroke caused by trauma to neck ligaments
  • Neck, head, and back injuries from being whipped about on bumper cars, roller coasters and spinning rides
  • Traumatic brain injury from G-forces on very fast rides or from objects that become detached and hit the head
  • Drowning on water slides, lazy rivers, and other water rides
  • Brain aneurysms from roller coasters and other fast rides
  • Death from being thrown or falling from a ride
  • Lacerations, torn ligaments, and broken bones


Injuries at amusement parks are caused by many things. According to the CPSC, the most common causes include:

  • Improper operation of the ride
  • Failure to follow instructions or the intentional misuse of a ride by a passenger
  • Mechanical failure of the ride, including an incident of a failed seatbelt at the Wonderland Amusement Park in Amarillo, Texas
  • Inherent nature of the ride–for example, fast, spinning rides may cause retinal and cerebral hemorrhaging, dizziness, subdural hematoma, or headache

How are Amusement Park Rides Regulated?

According to the Manchester injury attorneys at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, the manner in which amusement park rides are regulated depends on whether they are fixed-site rides, like those at permanent amusement parks, or mobile rides, like those at carnivals and county fairs. The CPSC regulates mobile rides but has no authority over fixed-site rides. This is known as the “roller coaster loophole.” Nearly 30 states conduct safety checks and otherwise regulate fixed-site rides while others rely on third-party inspections and insurance companies. In New Hampshire, amusement ride operators are regulated by the Department of Safety.  An August 14, 2016 article by CNN titled “Amusement Park Safety Under Scrutiny After Week of Accidents” sheds more light on the regulation of amusement parks.

Amusement park safety under scrutiny after week of accidents

Manchester injury attorneys


Types of Legal Claims that May Be Available Following Injury by an Amusement Park Ride

If you are injured while enjoying an amusement park ride, you may have several legal claim options at your disposal:

Negligence Claim – To win a negligence claim, your Manchester injury attorneys will discuss with you that you must prove that the defendant was required by law to be reasonably careful but wasn’t, and that you were injured as a result of their carelessness. Amusement parks are responsible for the actions of their employees. If employee negligence caused your injury, you may be able to sue them for either affirmatively doing something, such as providing incorrect instructions to riders, or for failing to do something, such as not posting warning signs about risk factors like high blood pressure, failing to properly maintain the ride, or failing to regularly inspect it.

Product Liability – If your injury occurred because of a defect in the ride itself or one of its components, you may be able to sue the manufacturer of the ride or the maker of the part. To do so successfully, you must be able to prove that the part, equipment or structure of the ride was defective and contributed to your injury.

Defenses Used By Amusement Parks when Responding to Lawsuits

You can expect the amusement park to fight back, regardless of the circumstances. One defense that’s commonly used involves the assumption of risk. This means that by voluntarily riding these rides, you are aware of the risks but choose to do so anyway. In some states, if the park can show that you assumed the risk, you don’t have a case. In others, the assumption of risk–or lack thereof–affects the amount for which you may be compensated for your injuries. For still other states, assumption of risk isn’t considered at all. Amusement parks can’t use this defense. In all states, assumption of risk isn’t a blanket defense.

Disclaimers Printed on Tickets

Patrons have to be made aware of the risks and won’t be in some cases. For instance, if a bolt is loose on a ride, patrons can’t be expected to be aware of the problem. The park might also state that the injured person failed to comply with safety rules by, for instance, disregarding rules regarding age, height, and weight requirements, or by purposely unlatching their belt during a ride. Some parks try to point to disclaimers that are printed on their tickets to avoid liability. This defense rarely works.

Contact Manchester Injury Attorneys

Our civil justice system provides for victims of negligence to recover full, fair and adequate compensation for their injuries. The Manchester injury attorneys at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC handle cases in all areas of personal injury law, including injuries sustained at amusement parks. We work diligently to ensure that our clients receive compensation for their injuries. There are no up-front costs for our services. All personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis.  We are only paid for our services if we successfully recover damages from the responsible party. For a free consultation, call (603) 239-2315, email us at info@manningzimmermanlaw.com, or contact us by using the “contact us” form or chat feature on our website.

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