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James, a NH Personal Injury Client

NH Personal Injury AttorneysWe highly recommend the Law Office of Manning and Zimmerman. Our case took about 18 months to resolve and throughout that time Maureen and Brenda were always professional, thoughtful and accessible. They answered every question, explained the process along the way and were attentive to our concerns. Maureen’s extensive experience and knowledge are impressive and my wife and I feel fortunate to have had her on OUR side of our case!

Free eBooklet: Critical Evaluation Factors for 17 Types of Injury Cases

NH Personal Injury Attorneys Offer Free Injury Case eBooklet

NH Personal Injury Attorneys

If you are like many personal injury victims, you may be unsure of the civil litigation process and whether it is the best fit for you and your family moving forward. The NH personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC understand the hesitation many people feel about filing a lawsuit – we are here to help answer your questions and explain the process from start to finish. At Manning & Zimmerman, you can expect uncompromising persistence and professionalism as our lawyers work hard to obtain the best results possible as we fight to protect your legal rights.

We are pleased to present this quick-reading and informative eBooklet, loaded with helpful insights into how attorneys and insurers evaluate a wide variety of injury cases.

11 Questions an Attorney May Ask Before Accepting Your Personal Injury Case

nh personal injury lawyerIf you have been injured in an accident, be sure to contact a NH personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman PLLC as soon as possible. However, before a personal injury lawyer accepts your case, there are a series of 11 questions they might ask you in order to obtain the details of the accident and your injuries.

  1. How did the accident happen? Be sure to be as detailed as possible when explaining how the accident occurred.
  2. When did the accident occur? Your personal injury lawyer will want to know exactly what date and time the accident happened. If you waited too long after the accident to file a claim, then you may be outside of the statute of limitations.
  3. Where did the accident happen? Your personal injury lawyer will need to determine the venue for your case, which will be based upon where the accident happened. If the accident happened in another state, we can recommend a personal injury lawyer for that area.
  4. What injuries did you sustain?
  5. Did you seek medical attention for your injuries? Your personal injury lawyer will request the names of the places you went to seek attention, as well as copies of any medical records you may have.
  6. How are your injuries presently? Your injury attorney will want to know if your injuries have healed or if you are still from the effects of the crash.
  7. Were there witnesses to the accident?
  8. Do you have any type of insurance?
  9. Have you been in contact with any insurance companies about the incident?
  10. Where is the car or truck that caused your injuries? If you were hit by a car or truck, or injured by something else, your injury lawyer will want to see pictures before the vehicle is repaired. If you have already taken pictures, bring them in to show your NH personal injury lawyer.
  11. Were you referred to the law office by someone? At this point, you can ask the personal injury lawyer any questions you may have as well.

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